“My daughter has been attending Great Beginning for almost 3 years now.  The school and all of it's teachers made it so easy for me to return to work and let Alex stay in a safe, fun and nurturing environment.  Alex is now in the VPK program here at Great Beginnings and has learned so many new and exciting things here, from not only her numbers and alphabet, but also Spanish and some sign language, giving her an insight into different cultures and persons with handicaps.  This has been a fantastic school and we greatly miss it when it is time to move up to Kindergarten.
Heather Glenny-Schambach

My daughter and son both attend Greart Beginning II and III.
At Great Beginning II my daughter has been there for four years, she now goes to kindergarten and is one of the top students in her class. My son has been attending Great Beginning III since he been a infant. He is now two years old. Both of my children have learned sign language and Spanish. As a parent I love the warm welcome you receiver when you walk in the door. Along with the cleanliness of the school. The teachers are wonderful with the children and make each one feel loved. The owners of the school are involved at all times and also and makes each child feel special. I feel that these schools are the best in Hernando County.
                                                                                                 Sarah Hardy